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On Fridays, the halls of the church where we hold our sewing classes ring with the voices of LOTS of children. With the addition of some new volunteers, this year we have both a baby room and a preK class. Our Childcare Director, Jennifer, spent time this summer developing a simple curriculum and when our students returned in early September, the preK program was launched. We are so thankful for Jennifer, for her hard work, her indefatigable spirit, her constant smiles, and her thoughts that follow …


Fridays are class days for our student seamstresses but also class day for their children. This year we've added a preK class for the 3 - 5 year olds.

Being American-born, we can easily take for granted how our children naturally come understand things like directional words ("over" and "under", "in" and "out") just from growing up in an English speaking home. But these things cannot be assumed for our littlest refugee friends. English is a second language in their homes, but will be a requirement when they enter traditional kindergarten in a year or so. We want them to be as ready as they can be for this big step in their young lives.

With a loose structure we are teaching letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and focusing on twenty or so directional words. The children are variously English fluent but they are all bright so I am confident they are absorbing much. At the very least I try to remember, "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind see" (-Mark Twain) so they grasp much just from our welcoming smiles I am certain.

Of course, learning must be fun and engaging...and messy, it seems! At the end of the brief two hours with the children I look around at all the crafts we made, the various learning manipulatives on the floor, and the plethora of stickers (We couldn't have class without stickers!) and it looks like chaos but I know it really is a tangible expression of God's love... in an array of primary colors.




While all this learning is going on upstairs, our volunteers in the baby room are holding and rocking little ones to sleep, changing diapers, and engaging our littlest ones with simple, fun, and safe toys.

Want to be a part of caring for the precious children of our refugee artisans? You can ...

-Visit the Get Involved page on our website and consider volunteering.

-Shop our Make Welcome Amazon Childcare Wishlist and help by purchasing supplies for our childcare program!




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Ready to Help Us Play? Childcare Needs at Make Welcome

The Make Welcome nursery and PreK class that we provide for our students' children is one happening place. Stickers flying, crayons coloring, rockets zooming and ribbons twirling...there's never a dull moment and rarely a quiet one! 

Our goal for the childcare at Make Welcome is to provide a safe, educational environment. To that end, we plan activities and use toys that emphasize sensory development, motor skills, and creativity. And that's where we need your help! We'd like to increase our toy cache so that we can rotate out different activities. But our budget is limited so we need some toy donations. Here's what's on our wish list:

  • Kinetic Sand (or one of its knock-offs) - we need two to three sets
  • Duplo Legos - of any style or set size!
  • Melissa & Doug Chunky Puzzles - any type
  • Volunteers - can't  buy this one at Amazon, but we could definitely use people with a heart to show the love of Christ to little ones. Background check is required. For more information, head over to our Volunteer page.

If you're interested in investing in the childcare side of our ministry, then shoot me an email at julia(at) makewelcome (dot) org. We'll be very grateful!!
Note: We're not yet a 501(c)3, so donations are not tax deductible. 

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