All the Children of the World

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"We do it to show the love of Jesus," is always my answer when my little ones ask why we go to "the sewing place". And this is the primary reason, of course, why we volunteer to watch the refugee children while their mothers learn to sew. My children enjoy it as a play date and I love catching up with all the ladies.

I'm thankful to be able to have this opportunity to show my children that Jesus is for everyone, and not just those who look and speak like we do. Jesus does love all the little children of the world. These are not people unlike us. Their children prefer the loud toys just like mine do. Their children cry for their mommas too. And their families need income and support like every other family.

Helping, even in a small way, makes me think of what is would it have been like to have been one of the twelve with Jesus. It must have been so exhilarating to be able feed hungry crowds or to witness a hurting soul healed. And this is how it should feel when showing the love of Christ. When you have Jesus you can always help those you encounter.

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Get Involved

As a volunteer-driven outreach, Make Welcome is dependent on individuals willing to invest time and energy into showing Christ’s love to our students. Whether you love to play with toddlers or prefer to assist in sewing - we can use you!

Our class is growing and we currently have a waiting list of women who would like to attend. But we can’t take on many more students without getting more volunteers. And that's where you come in! Take a look at our current volunteer openings.

Note: All volunteers must complete Make Welcome’s Volunteer Application.

There are four main ways you can help:

  • Childcare 

    Many young refugee moms are stuck at home all day, every day. A hallmark of our group is that we allow women to bring their children to class with them. While the moms sew, volunteers read books, play games and invest in the lives of these precious little ones.
    Time Commitment: 2 hours/class

  • Transportation 

    A weekly challenge is providing transportation for the women and children to and from class. Many refugees families don’t have a car. And the few who do own a vehicle have to use it for the primary breadwinner to get to his or her job. Volunteers are needed to provide rides to and/or from classes.
    Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/class + gas

  • Sewing

    As current students advance in skill and new students join, we need assistant sewing instructors! From training in the basics of operating a sewing machine to teaching how to add a zipper, volunteers are needed to assist our instructors on a weekly basis.
    Time Commitment: 2 hours/class

  • Donations

    If it relates to sewing, we probably need it! Fabric, thread, scissors, cutting boards, etc. Any donations are gratefully accepted. Note: We are not currently a 501(c)3, so donations are not tax deductible.

There’s many more ways to invest in Charlotte’s refugee community. If you’d like to get involved, but are looking for different opportunities, feel free to contact us. We can put you in touch with other excellent refugee outreach organizations in our community. Clothing closets, community events, sports outreach - there are so many ways to help.

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