Community Development: From Skills Training to Income Generation

Over the past year, one of the main development goals of the group has been to teach sewing skills. We've watched as the students have grown in ability, creating beautiful, unique items. With one year of experience under our proverbial belt, Make Welcome is working towards tackling the second item on our community development agenda: training in finance and business while we assist the women in generating new income streams. 

As a first step towards this goal, we've partnering with Journey Home Crafts. The Journey Home brand is focused on supporting refugee artisans, and both past and present students will have opportunity to sell handcrafted goods through this outlet. In conjunction with this opportunity, we hope to train in personal and business finance  fundamentals, product development, customer outreach, etc.

You can support this next step for our organization by praying for us, by sharing about Journey Home with your friends, and of course, by purchasing items made by our students as they come up for sale. 



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News Story on Refugee Support Services

The Charlotte Observer recently published a story about the awesome work done by our friends at Refugee Support Services.

"Thirty-two refugees and 12 volunteers talked as they stood in the back parking lot of Shadowood Apartments near Central Avenue recently, northeast of East Independence Boulevard. They were waiting for the Help Center to open.

The Help Center is a weekly program created by Refugee Support Services that offers free produce and personal advice to local refugees. Rachel Humphries, who lives in Mountainbrook near SouthPark, said she and a former ESL colleague, Lauren Moore, started Refugee Support Services in early 2006 after refugee ESL students kept asking them for help outside the classroom.

The refugees wanted to know about navigating American culture and government services. 'They have so many questions and unmet needs,' Humphries said."

RSS is staffed by an amazing group of people who are doing so much to serve the refugee population here in Charlotte (including providing advice, support and a location for Make Welcome!). They're in need of more volunteers, so if you're looking for a way to plug in, check them out.  

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